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Ultimate Alaskan Adventures Client Statements
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Dave Mansel "Steve is the best outfitter I have ever hunted with. He works hard to put you in good game country both safely and efficiently. His knowledge of his hunting area and the game is exceptional. Steve is an honest, ethical guide and I would highly recommend him for any hunt he specializes in."
Dave Mansel - Olathe, KA

Don Stamer "Steve, I just wanted to drop you another BIG Thank You! The hunt in the Alaskan Range was a dream hunt that had everything in it. Alaska delivered all that I could have asked for weather, lots of game, tough, physical and some great laughs with my guide. Your attention to details, one on one relationship with the hunter and a reputation of hardest working guide who wants to take a ram as bad as you do, all shined when hunting with you. Thanks for making two years of planning my dream hunt a success in taking a great ram."
Don Stamer - Orchard Park, NY

Blake Tarver "It was a day that I could not believe was ever going to happen. Planning for this trip went back one year. My cousin and I decided to embark on a dream I've had. Alaska, to hunt the great brown bear. The hunt took place on the Copper river. The wild outback of Alaska is just that, there was not another person for let's say, along way! The first two days were incredible, being there in the peaceful wide open spaces. But the peace was interrupted on the third morning by the low rumble and groans of what was to become my bear. The head came into site just over a small rise a little over a hundred yards in front of us. The bear stood up for about three seconds then dropped down coming on towards us, at approx. seventy yards the bear turned quartering away, this is when I let fly with 300 grains out of a 375 H&H mag. I have to say it took three more to keep this big animal down! If your looking for some great fun and very likely some close in your face excitement, call Steve Johnson, he can make it happen!"
Blake Tarver - Texas

Randy Weik "Best hunting trip of my life!! Even months later it is hard to find the words to describe what an incredible experience I had. Yes, I was there to get a Dall sheep, a lifelong dream of mine. But the whole experience and majestic scenery made the harvest a distant second. Steve is a top notch outfitter that thoroughly knows the area he hunts, knows how to take care of a client, and is prepared for the worst conditions. Despite some very challenging weather, Steve remained upbeat and positive throughout the trip. We saw sheep every day and made several successful stalks on rams that almost made the cut. When planning a trip like this where you will be sharing a tent in the wilderness for 10 days with someone you don't know, there is always some concern about compatibility. Thankfully, Steve and photographer Joe Yelverton were guys I would be friends with if they lived down the street. They made my experience everything I dreamed it would be. They both were very helpful with gear and tactics. I have spent much time in the mountains, but the Alaska bush is a whole different animal. I am thankful for their patience and positive reinforcement. I would highly recommend Steve Johnson and Ultimate Alaska Adventures for your next Alaskan adventure. Steve and his staff are in the elite ranks of professional outfitters! Can't wait for my next hunt with Steve!"
Randy Wiek, Hendersonville, TN

Dewey Lemons "Steve Johnson is a true hard core woodsman , good guide and great hunter. i have hunted with him over the years and taken great trophies. i hope to hunt with him many more times.."
Dewey Lemons - Greenville, SC.

Rob Holt "My dall sheep hunt with Steve Johnson was a dream come true for me. I've wanted to hunt sheep for as long as I can remember, and when I was finally able to make it happen, I wanted to be sure to choose the best outfitter I could. I believe I made the right choice in picking Steve and Ultimate Alaskan Adventures. I wanted a hardcore backpack hunt and Steve delivered. We walked many tough miles in beautiful country and saw rams everyday. When we spotted a shooter ram, Steve executed a perfect stalk that led us to within 250 yards of the big ram. Steve is an awesome sheep guide. He knows the country, he knows the sheep, and he knows how to get his hunters safely into position to take a shot. I would highly recommend Steve Johnson and Ultimate Alaskan Adventures! Thanks again to Steve and Andrew for helping make my dream hunt a success!"
Rob Holt - Woodland, WA

Paul Carter "I have had the pleasure of being guided by Steve Johnson on two separate occasions in my quest for Dall sheep. In both instances I found his temperament to be ideal, his knowledge of the game superior, and his deportment in the field exemplary. I felt safe, well cared for, and I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mr. Johnson to others seeking a quality Alaskan hunting experience. If I can be of further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Best regards,"
Paul C. Carter - Dalton, MA

Matt Strong "After two years of researching outfitters who could provide an exceptional Dall sheep hunting experience in Alaska I decided to book a hunt with Steve Johnson of Ultimate Alaskan Adventures. My decision was primarily based on word-of-mouth referrals. Everyone who had hunted with Steve had the same good things to say. I was looking for a low frills backpack hunt with an outfitter who was willing to work as hard as I was in order to kill a big ram. I wanted a physically challenging hunt that had the potential for a giant ram. When discussing that criteria with people in the industry Steve’s name always came to the forefront. The actual hunt was everything I could have hoped for. Steve is an extremely mentally and physically tough individual who I felt wanted to see me kill a ram as much as I did. We hunted a beautiful area with top notch equipment, safely and ethically. Ultimately we killed a beautiful long horned ram in the cliffs. I was able to experience everything a tough backpack hunt in Alaska can offer, and brought home a beautiful ram. A lifelong set of good memories came out of that hunt. I would recommend Steve and his operation to anyone willing to prepare themselves the type of hunt he offers." 
Matt Stong -Livingston MT

Jay Wroblisky "Steve Johnson is a top notch outfitter. He has great equipment, works extremely hard and he is very knowledgeable of his hunting area. He will go the extra mile to ensure you have great hunt. On my hunt we traveled over 50 miles in 9 days. I took my ram on the 7th day. The weather was great during the trip and the scenery was spectacular. This was a true Alaskan Adventure Hunt. I will say this backpack hunt is a physically demanding hunt. Our packs started out with about 50lbs and ended up being about 100lbs packing out the trophy and the meat. It was totally worth all the aches and pains. I wouldn't hesitate booking again with Steve."
Jay Wroblisky - Humble, TX

Terry Lucht "I do quite a bit of big game hunting around the world. One of the most important aspects of that is the ability of the guide to work with the client. This involves having to push the client to get the job done while staying within the limits of the client and staying safe. Steve is great at this. My first actual guided hunt with Steve was in the Chugach on a bow hunt for sheep. This was in early October and my first sheep hunt. To say it was tough conditions would put it mildly. Steve did a great job getting me up and down the mountain in the snow and cold and it was a great experience. The second sheep hunt I went on with Steve was in August and the whole trip went off without a hitch. Once again it was a tough first day but Steve didn't push me any harder than I was able to manage. I was 57 at the time of the hunt in decent shape but I don't get to climb mountains where I live in Texas. The actual hunt was very well managed and Steve helped me to lighten my load after we made spike camp and I was able to climb some rough mountains and make our way to get on a nice ram. Great hunt and great guy to spend some time with. I would not hesitate to recommend Steve to my friends and I have. Always easy to work with and dedicated to making the hunt the best it can be. If anyone would like more information or would like to talk to me, please don't hesitate to contact me. "
Terry Lucht- Cypress, TX

Brian Ward"Initially, let me say that I have known Steve Johnson and Ultimate Alaska Hunting Adventures Guide Service for several years. I have had the pleasure utilizing his expertise as my guide on 2007 spring grizzly bear hunt, and over all my experience was wonderful. Steve has safety in the forefront of his mind while guiding clients. Steve provides personalized one on one service, he doesn't just give you an assistant guide to hunt with like some other larger guide serves do. Steve has extensive knowledge of the animals his clients pursue. Steve has good well working equipment for safety and comfort of his clients. Steve has an abundance game in the units he guides, ensuring his clients have a good chance at being successful. Steve puts forth tremendous effort to ensure success on hunts. I would highly recommend Ultimate Alaska Hunting Adventures Guide Service by Steve Johnson to anyone wanting a trustworthy guide and customized personal service."Brian Ward - Morrisville, NC

Gerald Delk "My 2012 Dall Sheep hunt with Steve Johnson of Ultimate Alaskan Adventures was without question the best hunting adventure that I have had to date. Steve was honest with me about every aspect of the hunt without the "used car salesman" attitude I had gotten previously. During the actual hunt I was guided by Doug Powers and had absolutely no complaints. Doug worked hard during the hunt and after a few hours it felt more like hunting with an old friend than being on a guided hunt. Doug went at a pace that I could manage without getting frustrated and before long we were in the Rams. I don't remember how many rams we glassed on the first day but it was more than a few. I ended up taking a double broomed 13 year old ram along with a bonus of two wolves which we called in a few days later. This hunt is a true adventure for the hunter looking for something that is both physically demanding and located in some gorgeous country. I would recommend Steve without hesitation to anyone willing to prepare for the backpack wilderness style hunts which he excels in. I will without a doubt be booking with him again in the future. "
Gerald W Delk, Spring City, TN

Carl Anderson "When I looked into Alaska I made some very trusted phone calls, and did my own final scouting at the SCI show. Steve & Ultimate Alaskan Adventures were at the top of the list hands down!! Steve and his crews love of the outdoors , whether it be scouting, hunting, trapping, fishing, camping, snowmobiling, working out and did I say scouting??!! He and his crew live this lifestyle 365, their years of knowledge and being in the wilderness mean they deliver their best. I am very happy to have booked with Ultimate Alaskan Adventures. I had a great time with Steve and his crew on this adventure. I did allot of working out before the hunt to be ready physically and had allot of my own expectations as to what to expect, the crew met and exceeded everything. They know their stuff and are prepared!! I can not say enough good things about his operation and team. Thank You Ultimate Alaskan Adventures for a great experience. "
Carl Anderson - Lindstrom, MN

Jim Petersen "I have hunted with Steve Johnson as an outfitter and a guide. Steve's performance was outstanding on both hunts from planning to execution an excellent experience. That is alot to be said for tough hunts,I was well cared for. "
James Petersen - Prineville, OR

Reg Sallows "I purchased a back pack Dall sheep hunt for my Dad Reg as a gift in 2009. The reason I chose Steve and Ultimate Alaskan Adventures is because of his quick response and truthful way of talking to me about what we were going to get if we booked with him. I also contacted several of his references and heard nothing but good things and boy were they right. We were able to be successful early in our hunt with a true monster of a Ram and we couldn't have been happier. Being a Guide/Outfitter from Canada I know exactly what a good guide and outfit is and Steve and his operation rate up there with as good as any I have ever seen, his experience in the mountains is an important part of not only the success of the hunt but also for the clients safety and I know from personal experience Steve is someone who will do everything in his power to make your hunt not only successful and pleasant but to get you home safely. This is an experience you don't want to miss out on." Tom and his father Reg Sallows - Grand Prairie, Alberta Canada