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Jim Petersen Ram2004 FNAWS Bronze Award Ram Taken by Jim Petersen --B/C Score: 171 7/8

Ultimate Alaskan Adventures Dall Sheep
Ultimate Alaskan Adventures Sheep

These Alaska Dall Sheep hunts are for the serious Dall sheep hunter looking for a hunting opportunity for a once in a life time Trophy Dall Sheep only Alaska can bring. Our Alaska hunting guides have harvested large numbers of exceptioinal dall sheep that clients keep coming back for. If drawn these are the Best Dall Sheep hunts in Alaska…these hunts are conducted in the World Famous areas of Chugach Mountains Alaska game unit 14C and unit 13D for trophy Dall Sheep limited entry draw areas. These two areas are known for it's world class sheep hunting in the big game communities for holding outstanding trophy Dall sheep. These are the most prized Trophy Dall Sheep hunting areas in Alaska and North America.

The application period is Nov 1 to Dec 6 each year with the results coming out in late January. Unit 14C and unit 13D limited entries permit areas hold some of the largest hunt able trophy Dall Sheep in the world. The Alaska state governor’s tag holders hunt these units each year, and the number one Pope and Young Dall Sheep came from unit 14C. Over the years these areas have produced many B and C rams.

DATES: 14C has 4 rifle seasons hunt periods to submit for between Aug 10 and Sept 30 and 2 archery only hunt areas and periods you can submit for between Sept 1 and Oct 10. The 14C hunts are 10-day hunts. The unit 13D hunt dates run from Aug 10 to Sept 20 and are also 10-day hunts.
INCLUDES: 1 guide and 1 packer per 1 sheep hunter, meals, spike camp accommodations, in-field transportation, and trophy care. TRANSPORTATION: For all 14C and 13D hunts you fly into Anchorage where we meet the clients. Additionally, the client will have one night hotel stay before and after the hunt in Anchorage. LICENSE/TAGS: Application deadline is 6 Dec. Note: A big game tag may be used for another species of equal or lower value.

Sheep Hunts Alaska General Season:
We have harvested large numbers of exceptioinal dall sheep that hunters keep coming back for. These Alaska Dall Sheep hunts are over-the-counter not requiring a limited entry draw permit. These areas have a very healthy population of Dall Rams ranging from 37” to 40+”. Only a few general season sheep hunters a year are taken in these areas in the spectacular Chugach and Alaska Mountain Ranges. Keeping our hunter numbers low in these hunt areas allows us to provide much personal attention and focus on having a top high quality hunt for a once in a life time trophy animal. The Chugach Mountains are known for their deep, heavy curl and high B and C scoring Dall Rams. These are traditional back pack sheep hunts and a client will need to be in top physical condition and mentally prepared to really enjoy the experience. A grizzly bear could be added for a trophy fee, and a black bear, wolf and wolverine can be taken at no charge.

DATES: The dates are August 10 - Sep 20. These are 10-day hunts.
INCLUDES: 1 hunter x 1 guide ratio, meals, spike camp accommodations, in-field transportation, and field care of trophy.
TRANSPORTATION: Fly to Anchorage where we will meet the client. Then charter to camp. There will be one night hotel stay before and after the hunt in Anchorage.
LICENSE/TAGS: Available over-the-counter upon arrival in Anchorage or order online at www.adfg.state.ak.us/.Note: A big game tag may be used for another species of equal or lower value.

Sheep Hunting Alaska with Steve Johnson and Ultimate Alaskan Adventures
Your Alaskan Big Game Hunting Guide

Our Alaska Dall Sheep hunts are normally 10 day hunts in the Chugach Range and the Alaska Range. We have sucessfully guided for trophy Alaska Dall Sheep in these areas year after year. You can choose to fly-in or walk in with variable rates.

 The Chugach Range hunts are walk-in back pack hunts, so you should be able to carry 45 lbs, and be prepared for a physically challenging hunt. The Chugach Range typically has better genetics for mass and size of horn and the area is usually more physically demanding than the Alaska Range as it is only a backpack hunt with no air support. The rewards are bigger sheep and less hunting pressure. Click Here to see more pictures of previous Alaska Dall sheep hunts.

Later in September, hunters have the choice of doing a sheep combo hunt in either area. The Alaska range offers aerial support, excellent Alaska Dall sheep hunting and excellent opportunities for sheep/grizzly bear combo hunts as well. The breathtaking scenery offers mountain glaciers and snow capped mountains.

All sheep hunts are one on one and packers are available upon advanced request. All hunt areas are thoroughly scouted before each hunt.

Please call us at (907) 223-6181 or (907) 929-8434 or fill out our contact form by clicking here for more information on updated hunting availability.

Ultimate Alaskan Adventures SheepThese are traditional backpack Dall Sheep hunts, so a client will need to be in top physical condition to really enjoy the experience of hunting in these outstanding sheep areas. We can help the hunter through the draw process, or we can easily submit them for you. Draw odds are low because of the high demand for these premier Dall sheep areas, but if you draw it’s a Dall sheep hunt of a life time. I recommend all serious sheep hunters put in every year until they draw one of these awesome Dall sheep areas. Being a small Guide Service we can customize each trophy sheep hunt to your needs or liking. Plus, Ultimate Alaskan Adventures offers a group discount for 2 or more hunters/friends that book these hunts at the same time.

Ultimate Alaskan Adventures, owned and operated by Steve Johnson who has been hunting and guiding in Alaska since 1988 after growing up in Clearbrook, Minnesota and serving on active duty as a Navy Corpsman during the cold war as a submariner and continuing his service to the country attached to a Marine Corp reconnaissance unit in Alaska for many years as an active duty reserve corpsman. He came to Alaska for the tremendous outdoor opportunities and for the adventure of Alaskan hunting.

He is a registered Alaskan Big Game Guide and with his extensive hunting and guiding background and impressive success rate, Steve’s clients return to Alaska to hunt with him year after year. Please contact us for references if desired.

All sheep hunts are 1X1 with an experienced assistant or registered guide.

All sheep hunt areas are thoroughly scouted prior to the sheep hunt.

Alaska sheep hunters have come to expect the dall sheep hunt of a lifetime with an experienced, committed and professional Alaska hunting guide who has strong hunting ethics and who always goes the extra mile to ensure each sheep hunter’s success and satisfaction.

From the time you arrive in Anchorage to the time you leave, we’ll make sure all your needs are taken care of from assisting with accommodations to advice and assistance on taxidermy and trophy care.

All travel expenses are covered from Anchorage, Alaska and included in the cost of the hunt.

By limiting the number of sheep hunts we conduct and making each sheep hunt top priority we can ensure a quality Alaska sheep hunting adventure.

You can expect an exceptional effort from your guide and we will provide you with an honest fair chase hunt. The species I have hunted are Sheep, Mountain Goat, Moose, Brown Bear, Grizzly Bear, and Black Bear. We are looking forward to providing you with the Ultimate of Alaskan Adventures available a full time guide and outfitter.

Thank you!

Ultimate Alaskan Adventures Sheep

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