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Reg Dodd, Alberta Canada
Reg Dodd
Alberta, Canada

Scott Kane, Green Bay, WI
Scott Kane
Green Bay, WI

Jason Loecker, Ogden, IA
Jason Loecker
Ogden, IA

Mike Duplane, Silverthorne, CO
Mike Duplane
Silverthorne, CO

Testimonial References

"Steve is the best outfitter I have ever hunted with. He works hard to put you in good game country both safely and efficiently. His knowledge of his hunting area and the game is exceptional..."
Dave Mansel, Olathe Kansas
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"After two years of researching outfitters who could provide an exceptional Dall sheep hunting experience in Alaska I decided to book a hunt with Steve Johnson of Ultimate Alaskan Adventures. My decision was primarily based on word-of-mouth referrals."
Matt Strong, Livingston MT
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"Steve Johnson is a top notch outfitter. He has great equipment, works extremely hard and he is very knowledgeable of his hunting area."
Jay  Wroblisky, Humble, TX
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"I also contacted several of his references and heard nothing but good things and boy were they right. We were able to be successful early in our hunt with a true monster of a Ram and we couldn't have been happier."
Tom and his father Reg Sallows, Grand Prairie, Alberta Canada
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Victor Clark, Verdi, NV
Victor Clark, Verdi, NV
As seen on the cover of "Great Rams II"

Recommended Alaska Hunting Equipment and Supplies

If you want to see what below items look like refer to www.barneyssport.com Please purchase top quality items if buying from other sources. Below items have been field tested by us and we have found them to work well. Please use your better judgement when choosing gear and equipment and buy the best you can afford. Thank you!

Equipment List for Spring and Fall Bear Hunts
Click here to open the Spring and Fall  Bear Hunt equipment list (pfd file) which you can download and print.

Equipment List for Sheep and Goat Hunts
Click here to go open the Sheep and Goat equipment list (pfd file) which you can download and print.

  • For sheep hunts: Every ounce counts! Keep it light!

  • Get in shape before your hunt! Come in the best physical shape as possible. Train as if the success of your hunt depends on it.

  • Break those leather boots in long before you get here. Many Alaskan sheep hunters have ended their hunts because of shredded feet. Don't let this happen to you!

  • Hit the range well in advance of coming on this hunt! You may only get one shot at the trophy of a lifetime. Make it count!