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Bear Hunting with Steve JohnsonBear Hunting with Ultimate Alaskan Adventures

Ultimate Alaskan Adventures Bear
Another Great Trophy


Camps are comfortable but light, ensuring the mobility to move to new hunting areas if need be.

Bring good foul weather gear to ensure your safety and comfort and come prepared to hunt hard with a positive mental attitude which is 90% of hunting.

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DATES Alaska Bear Hunts:
April 1 - May 31 and
September 21 - October 31

Ultimate Alaskan Adventures Bear

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Alaska Bear Hunting with Steve Johnson and Ultimate Alaskan Adventures
Your Alaskan Big Game Hunting Guide and Outfitter

Alaska Bear Hunt - Hunters have the option of a spring or fall bear hunt. Spring bear hunts are done in the Alaska Range via super cub from April through May. Fall bear hunts are conducted in the Chugach range from September thru October. All Alaska bear hunts are 10 day hunts. Both hunting areas offer outstanding opportunities for large Alaskan brown bears with high quality hides

Each hunt is unique. Hunters can expect comfortable camps in heated 10 x 10 bomb shelter tents with cots and excellent meals.

Hunters will hunt mainly on snow shoes during the early spring months. Bears are hunted in their denning areas when they first come out of hibernation. Early spring bear hunts rely heavily on being mobile via Supercub aircraft. This helps ensure a highly successful hunt as each hunting party can be moved rapidly to a new area if a stalk is not successful. Bears average in size from 8' to 9'. This is a very exciting and adventurous method of hunting bears and the hunter needs to come prepared for the hunting experience of a life time.

Please call us at (907) 223-6181 or (907) 929-8434 or fill out our contact form by clicking here for more information on updated hunting availability.

Ultimate Alaskan Adventures BearFall bear hunts are conducted in the Chugach Range via boat on salmon fed rivers.

Comfortable camps along with the true wildness of the area add to the adventure of this hunt. Average bear size is 8' with the occasional 9'-10'er rambling through from time to time.

Many bears may be seen on each hunt but the hunter needs to be prepared to sit and be patient on fall bear hunts.

Alaska Black bears are also in the area and may be taken on a trophy fee basis.

The fall bear hunts are less physically demanding due to the hunting methods used in that area.

You can expect an exceptional effort from your guide and we will provide you with an honest fair chase hunt. The species I have hunted are Sheep, Mountain Goat, Moose, Brown Bear, Grizzly Bear, and Black Bear. We are looking forward to providing you with the Ultimate of Alaskan Adventures available from a full time guide and outfitter.

Thank you!