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Matt Storng - Livingston, MT
Matt Strong
Livingston, MT

Matt Strong - Livingston, MT

"After two years of researching outfitters who could provide an exceptional Dall sheep hunting experience in Alaska I decided to book a hunt with Steve Johnson of Ultimate Alaskan Adventures.

My decision was primarily based on word-of-mouth referrals. Everyone who had hunted with Steve had the same good things to say. I was looking for a low frills backpack hunt with an outfitter who was willing to work as hard as I was in order to kill a big ram. I wanted a physically challenging hunt that had the potential for a giant ram. When discussing that criteria with people in the industry Steve’s name always came to the forefront.

The actual hunt was everything I could have hoped for. Steve is an extremely mentally and physically tough individual who I felt wanted to see me kill a ram as much as I did. We hunted a beautiful area with top notch equipment, safely and ethically. Ultimately we killed a beautiful long horned ram in the cliffs. I was able to experience everything a tough backpack hunt in Alaska can offer, and brought home a beautiful ram. A lifelong set of good memories came out of that hunt. I would recommend Steve and his operation to anyone willing to prepare themselves the type of hunt he offers."