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Tom and his father Reg Sallows, Grand Prairie, Alberta Canada
Carl Anderson - Lindstrom, MN

Carl Anderson, Lindstrom, Minnesota

"When I looked into Alaska I made some very trusted phone calls, and did my own final scouting at the SCI show. Steve & Ultimate Alaskan Adventures were at the top of the list hands down!! Steve and his crews love of the outdoors , whether it be scouting, hunting, trapping, fishing, camping, snowmobiling, working out and did I say scouting??!! He and his crew live this lifestyle 365, their years of knowledge and being in the wilderness mean they deliver their best.

I am very happy to have booked with Ultimate Alaskan Adventures. I had a great time with Steve and his crew on this adventure. I did allot of working out before the hunt to be ready physically and had allot of my own expectations as to what to expect, the crew met and exceeded everything. They know their stuff and are prepared!! I can not say enough good things about his operation and team. Thank You Ultimate Alaskan Adventures for a great experience."