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Blake Tarver, TX
Blake Tarver, TX

Blake Tarver - Texas

"Steve, it was a day that I could not believe was ever going to happen. Planning for this trip went back one year. My cousin and I decided to embark on a dream I've had. Alaska, to hunt the great brown bear. The hunt took place on the Copper river. The wild outback of Alaska is just that, there was not another person for let's say, along way! The first two days were incredible, being there in the peaceful wide open spaces.

But the peace was interrupted on the third morning by the low rumble and groans of what was to become my bear. The head came into site just over a small rise a little over a hundred yards in front of us. The bear stood up for about three seconds then dropped down coming on towards us, at approx. seventy yards the bear turned quartering away, this is when I let fly with 300 grains out of a 375 H&H mag.

I have to say it took three more to keep this big animal down! If your looking for some great fun and very likely some close in your face excitement, call Steve Johnson, he can make it happen! "